What do you learn at bartending school?


Bartending schools will teach you the most common drink recipes, how to mix properly and, in some cases, your local liquor laws.

Bartending School Teaches Common Drinks

Imagine your first day on the job as a bartender. It won't be easy, especially if someone asks you for a drink that you don't know how to mix. Not everyone will order something as simple as a rum and coke.

Most bartending schools will teach you the most common drink recipes such as a hot toddy, long island ice tea, moscow mule and negroni. When you're a bartender, you'll have to know these recipes by memory, so the more training and memorization you do, the better.

You'll learn the proportions for these drinks, the order you should mix them, how to ice them and which glasses to serve them in.

Bartending School Teaches Local Laws

Being a bartender comes with a lot of responsibility, much of it legal. Do you know how to spot a fake ID? How can you tell if someone is drunk and shouldn't be served any more?

In some states, you can carry a lot of liability for serving an underage person or someone who has hit their limit.

Ask your bartending school what they teach you about the law and if they meet the state certification rules for your state.

Bartending School is Hands On

While bartending school isn't a requirement for all jobs and in all states, getting hands-on training is a must. Effective bartending takes practice, especially in high-pressure environments. The investment you make going to bartending school can pay off--better bartenders earn more tips!