How much does bartending school cost?


The price of bartending school depends on your location and what is covered. Hands-on bartending courses typically cost $200-$500. Online courses can cost $50-$200. 

Bartending School Costs

There's a wide range of costs for attending bartending school, and it depends greatly on what is taught, if there are certifications required in your state and if the school helps with job placement.

A handful of states require certification or licensing, and bartending schools that have to meet specific state regulations might cost more money. Compare this to bartending schools that teach the basics of bartending, such as how to mix drinks. 

Hands-on Bartending School Cost

A "basics of bartending" class taught at a school typically starts at $200, but some schools offer specials for less money. Also, some bartending schools do not charge you all of the money upfront.

It's important to compare what you're getting for the amount you pay. Does the school provide a certification? Does it help with job placement? While job placement might not matter if you're looking to move from waiter to bartender at your current place of employment, it's nice to have if you don't know where you will bartend.

Online Bartending School Cost

As you might expect, online bartending schools are usually more affordable than hands-on courses. Online bartending schools don't need to pay for teachers for each course. Instead, they record videos or provide interactive sessions that you take at your leisure. 

For this reason, online bartending school costs much less than physical schools. You might even find some offered for less than $50. 

But think about what you need from your class. If you need to get experience shaking, mixing and stirring, then an online course is not for you. If all you need is help with drink types and recipes, online might be good for you.

Andrew Allemann